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DIY Spooky Halloween Decor


Jack-o-lantern decorations

Are you ready for Halloween? The Mansions McKinney Blog is here to help you prepare your apartment for this spooky holiday with a few ideas for DIY decorations. Try out these ideas to bring the spirit of the holiday to your McKinney, TX apartment home.  


Trash Bag Spiderwebs

Turn a black trash bag into a giant spider web and decorate the walls or windows of your house with them. All you need is some black trash bags, scissors, and some clear tape.


Bat Infested Front Door

Create the illusion that the inside of your front door is home to hundreds of bats. All you will need is a bat template, felt or construction paper, and some form of adhesive that won’t harm the paint on your front door.


Cat Face Garland

Make an eerie garland composed of black cat faces that stare at you with glowing eyes. Poke twinkling lights through the eyeholes to make the eyes. Warning: crossing paths with this garland may bring bad luck. What you will need: a string of twinkling lights, black cardstock, black waxed twine, scissors, and a cat face template.


Wriggling Snake Wreath

This jet black wreath won’t soon be forgotten by your apartment guests. Make it from a plain grapevine wreath, plastic or rubber toy snakes, black acrylic paint, black spray paint, and some floral wiring. Store it in a box wrapped in tissue paper and use it again next year!


DIY Glowing Eyes

Take an empty roll of toilet paper or paper towels. Cut out eye shapes and stick glow sticks inside. For a finishing touch, place this craft inside bushes outside. You might scare off a few trick-or-treaters, but hey, that just means more candy for you, right?


Share your own ideas for DIY Halloween decorations with the rest of our apartment community in the comments. Happy Halloween!