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Holiday Gift Wrapping Tips

neatly-wrapped holiday presents
Now that the holidays are rapidly approaching, we’d imagine you’ve already done most of your holiday shopping — now it’s time to get started on wrapping! At The Mansions McKinney, we’re ready to share some suggestions to make your gift wrapping experience a little bit more enjoyable! Here are a few tips when wrapping gifts:

Think About Who’s Receiving the Gift

Before you pick out just any old wrapping paper, spend a second thinking about who will be receiving the gift what kind of message you want to send to them. Do you want to make them laugh? Do you want them to enjoy the experience of opening the gift just as much as the gift itself? Thinking about the answers to these simple questions will help give you some inspiration before you mindlessly wrap all of the gifts you’re giving in the exact same way. If you have children, one of our favorite tips to make the wrapping process that much easier is to choose a special paper for each child and exclusively wrap their gifts in that paper! It will be fun for them to be able to easily identify which gifts are theirs.

Measure First, Then Cut

When you cut your piece of wrapping paper simply by eyeballing it, you’re likely to get a piece that is either way too small for your gift or far too large for it. To save yourself a whole lot of hassle, measure out the paper you need by using the gift you’ll be wrapping! Lengthwise, make sure you cut paper sufficient enough to cover the entire present; widthwise, cut it to be a few inches longer than the gift itself. Doing so will save you a whole lot of time, and it will help you not to get too frustrated!

Reduce Reuse Recycle

It turns out the three R’s of the environment come in handy when wrapping your holiday presents as well! If you’d prefer not to spend a lot on wrapping paper, consider using any paper grocery bags or newspapers you have taking up extra room in your house as gift wrapping instead. If you’re looking for something reusable, take an old cloth you have around your house, like an old bed sheet or tee shirt, and cut it into the perfect shape for gift wrapping! Last but not least, make sure you recycle any paper gift wrapping you end up using once the holidays have ended!

Do you have any tips for wrapping holiday gifts? Share it with our McKinney, TX apartment community by leaving a comment below!